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Barleymont Group of Day Nurseries, Preschool, Afterschool and Holiday Club

Enriching the Future

We believe in securing children’s future by offering innovative and rich learning experiences to all children on an equal platform. We strive for a ‘no excuses’ culture which is supported by relentless focus on learning and progress.

Our children start their learning journey with us and are

  • Absorbed in what they do and like to come back to the same activity as and when they wish
  • They are stimulated by highly motivated teachers/key persons, an enriching environment, by meaningful and open-ended resources & equipment and well planned activities.
  • They enjoy well planned child-initiates and adult led activities and experiences.
  • Revisit and to make connections with what happened before.
  • Children would follow a game, an interest or an activity of their personal choice and interest and derive on their own conclusions.
  • Those who are ready to join in are given ample time to feel ready to have a go by themselves.
  • We let our children to learn from their mistakes and get up and have another go.
  • We give them opportunities to move freely indoors and outdoors and have the space to sing, run, dance, jump and hop within a safe prepared environment.
  • Experiment with numbers and letters and begin to make sense with what they can make with them.
  • See the comparisons all around them and understand why they matter.
  • Be creative, build castles in the sand, a town with the wooden blocks, a farm house in the small world play.
  • To come back to their creations next day and carry on the experience or start all over again.
  • Snuggle up quietly with a friend in the library corner and get transported into other worlds of a beautiful picture book create their own worlds in role play corner – a shop, a post office, an airport or a hairdresser, imagination is allowed to flourish.

Because children are amazing, they are our future generations and we want to give our best to them by giving them the best start.